BQI is a trading company providing local and international companies the opportunity to import and export products to new and existing markets. Our team is well-versed in agricultural products, industrial foods & raw materials, etc. We are always eager to develop new trading partners while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships we have built.

BQI is one of the most famous importer & exporter of goods in the Republic of Belarus. Our commercial and logistics departments make it possible to offer your products in a wide range, excellent quality and at the best prices for our customers in all over the world, especially in Eurasia, the Middle East, Europe, & Belarus. BQI smart trading process, warehouses and its fleet of vehicles allow timely delivery at the time in all over the world. With a successful story for more than thirteen years, we have gained a vital spot to the international markets.

As a reliable supplier, we have provided our industrial and commercial customers with the most competitive prices from leading manufacturers in all over the world & Belarus. BQI works with suppliers and sellers directly, thus ensuring the optimization of pricing, increase of the market shares and the ability to obtain the best value for money. We are the main supplier of the chain of stores in all over the Belarus!

BQI will guarantee to offer the most optimal solutions, which will be based on the price / quality ratio, as well as complete control on the getting the market share.

Cooperation only with the best manufacturers is our key notice and priority.

Our Mission

Providing the most cost-effective and intelligent solutions to creating sustainable international trade in all over the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC), European Union and the Middle East countries.

Our Vision

Empowering manufacturers, satisfying consumers and balancing both import and export

Our Purpose

To increase sales and sustainable cash flow, especially through the creation of integrated markets through the network of customers and BQI partners.

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