With over 13 years of experience in its fields, BQI is the ideal partner to import & export. Due to technology’s current ever-expanding growth rate, global trade is easier and more efficient than ever. However, before any sort of importing or exporting can take place a business needs to follow certain procedures that allow for the proper development of the business and its potential trading partners. To ensure the whole process goes smoothly, we do the best for our trading partners.

Understanding the global market, creating the best list of products that you would like to import or export, trusted supply sourcing, great product pricing, commercial networks & locating customers, warehouses & our international logistics are some of BQI capabilities & advantages and you can make it possible for your trades. We have more than 100 close-knit partners and manufacturers of agricultural products, ready-to-use food &raw materials.

Count on BQI.

We make your trades possible.

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