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in the agricultural sector

Creation and support of own brand

Own brand (OB) allows the company to increase customer loyalty, raise income, provide a decent price-quality ratio, efficiently manage the company's reserves and is a sign of a stable position in the market.

BQI specializes in cooperation with retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and in addition to our own mid-segment brands "Pad Soneykam" ("Пад Сонейкам") at the economy segment price, and "PiccAliva" premium at the mid-price segment, we offer to create a brand for you.

We know that OB contributes to better customer satisfaction and helps to improve the financial situation of the company. Understanding the process of work, creation and financing of OB, we offer our partners the best price offers and the most favorable conditions.

Why is it profitable to work with us

By creating your own brand in cooperation with BQI, you get the following advantages:

Favorable purchase prices Sell a quality product at a fair and favorable price. Customers are not ready to overpay for well-known brands, it is important for them to have the product in the required volume, product quality and its characteristics.

Reduction of the production costWe have a good price for our products, because we directly purchase products from manufacturers both under their brand and under our own brands. By cooperating with you, we will increase the volume of purchases, due to which everyone will receive even more favorable conditions from the manufacturer.

Release of resources Redirect the saved funds to other necessary needs - improve reduce costs, increase the speed and volume of sales, increase your profit and scale your business by expanding commercial space or opening new ones. This will allow you to open new sales markets, increase the awareness of the network's products, sales will receive a new incentive, and customer loyalty will increase.

We will help your retail network in the creation and development of OB. OB is not only stable financial flows and a promising future for your business, but also an increase in loyalty in the eyes of customers!

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