ООО "Белквентаинвест" - международная инвестиционно-коммерческая компания Supplies of the best products
in the agricultural sector

To retail chains

For BQI, an international trading company, retailers, or corner retail chains, retail trading platforms, regional stores and "hard" discounters are promising and valuable economic entities to which we offer cooperation on the most favorable terms. Our company is engaged in wholesale supplies of agricultural products, food segment products and raw materials from local and foreign manufacturers in accordance with modern market trends and requirements.

What do we offer retailers

The product is at the best price Our company forms an individual, the most advantageous offer, including the lowest price, the optimal batch size, good delivery conditions and a convenient payment format.

Creation of fundamentally new product linesRetail chains will be able to constantly update products, expand the assortment, create their own brands and position products on the market.

Favorable conditions for customs clearance and logisticsWe use a well-thought-out system of cargo transportation and customs clearance of imports.

Cost reductionWe provide constant deliveries to your warehouses and your trading platforms and guarantee the presence of the highest quality products in the required quantity at the best purchase prices.

By cooperating with our company, the retailer improves its reputation, forms its own loyalty programs, creates its own brands, attracts new customers, and strengthens its position in the market and increase their profits.

Open access to volume supplies from our company and explore new directions in foreign and regional markets. Increase your resource potential with BQI.

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